R. Wayne Reynolds

After receiving a BFA in painting from MICA in 1975, R. Wayne Reynolds founded a Baltimore based company devoted to the 500 year old craft of gilding. Working on antique frames for museum clients all over the country, there was no shortage of exposure to world class art, but it took 23 years before Mr. Reynolds started making his own art again. It was triggered by selling his company to Sotheby's and moving to New York in 1998. In 2009 Mr. Reynolds began exhibiting his work in New York and had his first solo show in 2010 in a Brooklyn gallery. This series, which is a combination of traditional rubbings and drawing, done with litho crayon on Tyvek, are from that first solo show. They were "collected" from places as diverse as man hole covers in Manhattan cross walks, to rock formations in State Parks. Telephone poles and rusted ice saw blades were used, and each location where a drawing was done was logged in to a pocket sized journal and numbered. From November 7th to December 23rd 83 black and white images were produced, and these are eight of his favorites.

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