Luana Kaufmann

Luana Kaufmann's collages begin life as compilations of found images, created with scissors, paper and glue. They are discoveries of believable fantasy and impossibly-grounded dream. Next, they become the "printing plates" for a new generation of "old papers", as they are scanned and meticulously printed to produce (sprayed ink) giclées. The incorporation of this exquisite, archival pigment print medium creates the ultimate cohesion of once-disparate parts, as well as renders them to be gallery-quality works. In describing the experience of creating collages, Luana says: "A couple of images gravitate to each other and suddenly state the impending theme. What was unknown and spontaneous metamorphoses into the known and deliberate. Allowing the components to have that initial free rein offers a mystery, a conceptual palette of infinite range, and access to the grand land of the psyche. And then, as pseudo-architect, -jeweler, -social director, -interior designer, -florist, -landscape designer, -milliner, and -chef, I do enjoy a little tyranny with my commands of placement. I guess it's a waltz of chaos and order. Or preferably, a samba."


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