Dennis Gray

Primarily a landscape watercolorist, I do not embrace the classic rules of the medium. I muscle my way through a painting, bending, stretching, and erasing the image to fit my will. At times, I use the medium more like acrylic paint. Nevertheless, my colors remain translucent and bold while celebrating the Chesapeake Bay, the City of Baltimore, and a few other destinations around the world. My Grand Pop was a waterman on the Rappahannock River. As a city kid, I watched him efficiently scull and pole his skiff while harvesting the “creek”. Because of those early experiences, I fell in love with the beauty, light and way of life on Smith Island, MD during my first visit in 1973. My cities paintings address the symmetry of row houses and their shadows and the reflections in store front windows. I believe our consciousness filters out massive amounts of reflections that we encounter in our daily life. This filtering fascinates me and has guided to paint store windows from the outside, to inside and what’s behind me. I started painting in 1999. Jonathan “Scott” Fuqua, author, teacher, and watercolorist have been my instructor and friend during these years. I am indebted to Scott and the camaraderie found within our Tuesday night painting group. The late Reuben Becker, the “Smith Island Artist” and close friend has been a major inspiration. And I am also indebted to the camera in my pocket. Using the archival process of Giclée printing, my art can be shared at a reasonable price. My prints have made it outside of the U.S.A. to Ireland, England, France, India, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Japan.


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