Crystal Moll

For over 20 years Crystal  Moll has been seen on location, with her canvas, brushes, and oils, interpreting the urban landscape as she sees it. Painting on location gives her work the feel of “being there,” allowing the viewer to enter the scene, look in the windows, and acquire a sense of place and time. Crystal works on several paintings at a time, moving locations with the sun, to capture the light and shadow of each scene at its optimum time of day. Her work has been compared to the subjects of Edward Hopper but with a brighter, happier feel. Crystal paints on locations throughout Baltimore and beyond, often using urban scenes as her chosen landscape. Baltimore’s Federal Hill always being a favorite, along with yearly painting trips to South Carolina and Virgina.  Her works have been published in Baltimore Magazine, Sketch Artists, Encyclopedia of Living Artists and Working Artists magazine. While occasionally a  participant and award winner in several Plein Air painting events including Norfolk VA, Easton MD, Mountain Maryland and Frederick… she prefers to paint plein air on her schedule.. choosing her optimum light! The Crystal Moll Gallery, located in historic Federal Hill, showcases Crystal's paintings, prints, tiles and many local painters' work.



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